FRP Tanks Manufacturers In India Are Making Versatile Commercial Products

Fire protection systems designers can avail best versatile fiberglass tanks from FRP Tanks Manufacturers India. These tanks are used for storing hazardous and flammable liquids. These tanks are intended for H-20 loading conditions. This made them a perfect product for installation in high traffic area and parking lots.


Since the concerns about water shortages continue to grow in different parts of the country, municipalities and facility owners continue to search for ways to manage their water resources.

Water storage is a specific application where mechanical and fire protection engineers throughout the country search for cost effective and reliable storage options to hold thousands of gallons of water.

Earlier, fiberglass underground storage tanks were used in the petroleum sector to store motor fuels and other petroleum products in safe manner at thousands of government, retail and commercial fueling facilities throughout the country. The oil industry is extremely regulated and most clients consider tanks that meet third-party listing standards with proven reliability records.

Manufacturers of fire protection systems are confident about their choices for frp tanks, which are installed for storing above or below grade hazardous and flammable liquids.

Engineers have a few choices when it comes to materials of construction for water storing tanks. Making the right choice of water tank is one of the important long-term decisions.

Material Considerations

Regardless of the water tank applications, fiberglass provides the complete range of performance benefits that a tank designer would seek for. Some of them are-

•    Strong structural design
•    Lightweight
•    Easy to install
•    Corrosion resistant
•    Competitive rate

As FRP material has been used for decades in extremely corrosive environments, not just for storage products but also for plumbing and piping equipment like ducts and exhaust stacks.

•    FRP tanks have a long history of use in applications where leakproof design is required. Leak-free performance is important when it comes to fire protection water storage.
•    Installation process and costs are not much since the tanks are light in weight. One can install FRP tanks at sites that are difficult to access.
•    In general, large capacity tanks with maximum 60,000 gallons sizes are needed in fire protection systems. These are factory made products offering premium quality control processes vs. manufacturing a tank on site.
•    FRP tanks manufacturers India design a fiberglass tank for dual purpose use, i.e. for storing potable water and fire protecting standby.

FRP Cable Trays Manufacturers Explain the Stiffness and Strength Features in FRP Deck System


Companies have found new and better materials for building structures. FRP cable trays manufacturers are here to explain such materials and their significant features that make these materials ideal for developing new structures. FRP composite materials in bridge applications are to be discussed in this post.

Since past few time, FRP composite bridge deck systems are widely implemented in bridge structures by builders. There are several finished and underway frp deck projects across the world. There are technical difficulties that limit the development of affordable manufacturing methods to create low cost, bulk FRP bridge decks. And the guidelines, lack of comprehensive analysis and design codes for FRP bridge decks are some key reasons that FRP decks have been applied only in demo projects.

To develop analysis and intend guidelines and overcome any potential reluctance to initiate the use of FRP decks, each potential aspect of service life of deck needs to be examined in both experimental and analytical way. There are two key characteristics that are critical in FRP bridge deck applications- stiffness and strength. The stiffness of an FRP deck is explained as the ability of the deck to resist deformation when load is applied.

Strength of the deck is the ability to resist permanent deflection from that applied load. There are other issues related to the use of FRP decks, like dynamic response, efficiency, durability, structural optimization, etc.

FRP composites in bridge engineering

Polymer matrix composite is a subcategory of the composites field. In this field, matrix is a polymer and the reinforcement is a fiber. FRP material is advantageous and especially its corrosion-resistance properties are the reason behind quick adoption to the public sectors. Presently, FRP composites applications have made tremendous changes in several industries, including marine, aerospace, automobile, chemical processing, and electrical products.

Pultruded FRP structural composites

The pultrusion process for manufacturing high performance, constant cross section FRP structural composite components is cost effective technology. The process of pultrusion includes pulling raw materials through a hot steel-forming die with the help of continuous pulling device. The materials used for reinforcement are in continuous forms like fiberglass mat and doffs of fiberglass roving.

The materials are saturated with the resin mixture inside the resin bath and pulled through the curing die. After extracting the component from the die, craftsmen get a cured profile that corresponds to the shape of the die.

As the pultrusion dies are costly, manufacturers do some variations in the cross-sections of shapes of sufficiently high production necessitates the investment of tooling. FRP decks materials are differ in the fiber architecture and resin type.

FRP cable trays manufacturers use polyester resin because of their low cost. However, they prefer vinyl ester resins to construct profiles for corrosive and wet environments.

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FRP pipes are being accepted across all industries including chemical, petroleum, gas, water transportation, etc. FRP is competing with materials like ductile iron, epoxy coated MS, PVC, HDPE, etc on account of its non-corrosive and long-lasting properties. FRP Pipe Manufacturers have proved  the utility of piping systems in stony environments and brutal applications. FRP Pipes have wide applications in water transmission, industrial process pipeline, industrial wastes and effluents, food industries, etc.

FRP pipe manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of FRP pipe manufacturers consists of the following stages:

  • Design
  • Pipe composition
  • Pipe specification
  • Method of manufacture
  • Jointing systems of pipes and fittings
  • Installation

The design stage consists of selection of liner and resin, design of winding patterns, design of optimization and wind ability check.

In the pipe composition stage, it is necessary to mention that the pipe wall consists of three layers which are perfectly adherent to each other. The three layers are the inner layer, the structural wall and the external line. Each of these layers have their own properties.

When we mention the pipe specifications, we can safely say that these pipes are manufactured in diameters ranging from 100mm to 2600 mm. Typically the applicability, physical and mechanical properties are laid down before the actual manufacture begins.

The FRP pipe manufacturing process undergoes the following stages:

The pipe is manufactured using the Helical Winding Method. Here, the first stage is Mandrel preparation, then the liner preparation and curing takes place. Then the filament winding and structural part of the pipe are made. Then the pipe is cured, later the pipe is extracted from the mandrel, then the final outside layer is made, after which the two sides and the end preparation is carried out.

Then the pipes are joined using various types of joints like the flanged joint, the butt and wrap joint, the bell and spigot joint and the double bell coupling. In the jointing stage, good craftsmanship and accuracy are the minimum requirements

Finally, the pipes are installed in place by referring to the installation drawing provided for the purpose. This stage is also called as the execution stage. Here the pipes are laid in place after being fabricated in a factory. The installation takes place based on the installation manual and the installation drawings.


Thus, this article has touched upon the preliminary applications of the FRP pipes and has explained the procedure of manufacture of FRP piping systems. The manufacturing process takes place in a factory and therefore it is elaborate in nature. It is accomplished using various kinds of machinery and tools. The FRP Pipe Manufacturers can be likened to the construction of a building. The different stages of manufacture mentioned above are followed in letter and spirit irrespective of the brand of manufacturer with a little difference here and there. Additionally, installation drawings and manuals make it possible to place the pipes on location accurately at the designated place. This makes an efficient piping system for transporting different fluids from one place to another.

What do FRP Cable Tray Manufacturers Offer to their Customers?


India is a home to a lot of industries and with various industrial sectors positively progressing towards betterment, manufacturers of various products have exclusive space for themselves in the market and so is the case with FRP cable tray manufacturers too.

Also, with a lot of cable tray manufacturers mushrooming in the market every passing year, it gets tougher to choose the best one to fulfill your requirements. So, here are some quick tips that might help you in carefully choosing the best manufacturer after a thorough analysis.

Before choosing a manufacturer, here is what you need to consider looking at:
Although most buyers look at the cost on the first hand, when it comes to products like the FRP cable trays, it's important to analyze the quality and therefore, knowledge of the manufacturer.

Manufacturer's knowledge analysis:
Service providers are required to have specific expertise on what they offer to their customers. While some FRP cable tray manufacturers offer excellent expertise, there are others who just ignore the very quality which makes a huge difference in reality. Thanks to the internet search engines, you can now search and browse through various manufacturers and understand the expertise of each of them either through their offerings or through the public reviews.

Manufacturer's Experience counts
Needless to say, manufacturers with greater amount of experience in the specific genre of the industry would have better knowledge on various sides of an element and comparatively newer players may not be really as satisfying as the experienced ones are.

Once your checklist is done until here, the next you must consider is the flexibility.

Choosing the more flexible Manufacturer
Its not just enough if the FRP cable tray manufacturer is an experienced or well-knowledgeable among the rest of the players in the industry, your purpose is served only when the manufacturer is flexible to actually provide you with customized products. This is because, readymade products may not always suit your requirements and you may need a modified or personalized design to be made. So, check if the manufacturer accepts customized product making projects.

Last but not the least, now you will need to think about the cost of the product.

Customized FRP cable tray's price
If you wish to get a customized product made, you must also be flexible in your finances. With a lot of budget constraints, acquiring a perfect product could be less than reality. However, spending on expertise is definitely worth it.

Instead of simply focusing on the price and easy availability, it is always better to analyze the market trend and also the manufacturer's expertise so as to procure reliable products that would be long lasting, better performing and qualitative.

Following a step by step buyer's checklist process would be a better idea than investing vaguely.

So, buyers should definitely have some pre planning before considering to buy products like FRP cable trays from any frivolous vendor who if supplies qualitative products is great but otherwise, it is definitely a waste of time and money.