FRP Tanks Manufacturers In India Are Making Versatile Commercial Products

Fire protection systems designers can avail best versatile fiberglass tanks from FRP Tanks Manufacturers India. These tanks are used for storing hazardous and flammable liquids. These tanks are intended for H-20 loading conditions. This made them a perfect product for installation in high traffic area and parking lots.


Since the concerns about water shortages continue to grow in different parts of the country, municipalities and facility owners continue to search for ways to manage their water resources.

Water storage is a specific application where mechanical and fire protection engineers throughout the country search for cost effective and reliable storage options to hold thousands of gallons of water.

Earlier, fiberglass underground storage tanks were used in the petroleum sector to store motor fuels and other petroleum products in safe manner at thousands of government, retail and commercial fueling facilities throughout the country. The oil industry is extremely regulated and most clients consider tanks that meet third-party listing standards with proven reliability records.

Manufacturers of fire protection systems are confident about their choices for frp tanks, which are installed for storing above or below grade hazardous and flammable liquids.

Engineers have a few choices when it comes to materials of construction for water storing tanks. Making the right choice of water tank is one of the important long-term decisions.

Material Considerations

Regardless of the water tank applications, fiberglass provides the complete range of performance benefits that a tank designer would seek for. Some of them are-

•    Strong structural design
•    Lightweight
•    Easy to install
•    Corrosion resistant
•    Competitive rate

As FRP material has been used for decades in extremely corrosive environments, not just for storage products but also for plumbing and piping equipment like ducts and exhaust stacks.

•    FRP tanks have a long history of use in applications where leakproof design is required. Leak-free performance is important when it comes to fire protection water storage.
•    Installation process and costs are not much since the tanks are light in weight. One can install FRP tanks at sites that are difficult to access.
•    In general, large capacity tanks with maximum 60,000 gallons sizes are needed in fire protection systems. These are factory made products offering premium quality control processes vs. manufacturing a tank on site.
•    FRP tanks manufacturers India design a fiberglass tank for dual purpose use, i.e. for storing potable water and fire protecting standby.