GRP Pipes are Revolutionary for Mining World!



Composite materials are usually labeled as revolutionary stuff among general people. However, industrial professionals are well informed about these materials and use them for producing GRP pipes, FRP components, and other composite products. GRP composites are available in the market since 50 years, but the modern world is getting to know about it later.

As GRP composite is an industrial stuff, it is mainly used for its excellent resistance to chemicals and acids and most types of corrosion. Along with these properties, there are more features offered by composite materials-

  • Low cost 
  • Low mass
  • Unique manufacturing and processing possibilities 
  • Customizable 
  • Easy to manufacture complex designs 
  • Low tooling costs 
  • Applicable to larger and small products 
  • Offer great surface finish

Why mining and metallurgy industry need composite materials?

We don’t know much, but here are some uses known to the experts –

  • Chemical resistant piping 
  • Acid and chemical resistant tanks for platinum refining 
  • Ventilation ducting 
  • Insulation cladding for chilled water transport 

Coal mining industry using composite pipes for the following things-

  • Fresh water
  • Acid water 
  • Slurries 

GRP has become best alternative to steel and timber, which were inefficient to handle corrosion related to sulfuric acid. Today, coal and carbon fuel industry is using GRP composite material for all these good reasons.

More industries are using GRP ducting and pumps widely in corrosive applications, such as –

  • Piping for chilled water will require lesser insulation 
  • Low mass and high capacity breathing apparatus cylinders 
  • Corrosion resistant air handling equipment 
  • Ventilation ducting 
  • Hydro power piping 
  • Slurry transport 
  • Corrosion resistant cable trays and gratings 
  • Air actuators 
  • Blast protection 
  • Water hydraulics 
  • Thermal insulation cladding

Benefits of using GRP composite systems –

  • There is no need of insulation 
  • The piping is inherently corrosion resistant 
  • The piping have a low mass 
  • The piping can be installed easily 
  • The piping can be transported underground 
  • The piping has smaller cross section that makes it less space-consumer 
  • The piping has excellent surface finish 

GRP composites can play more significant role in the local mining industry. The best performance of the material can be achieved if the GRP industry is willing to take risks, innovate, and make investment in technology and equipment. For now, GRP pipes are the best to bet for mining industry.